Mommy. Visual Junkie. Sports Addict. Soul music aficionado

"An artist, if he's truly an artist, only intention is to awaken the souls of mankind"... Marvin Gaye


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"I believe any dream that I want to.. that ain't the only way of keepin hope alive. And if by chance I give birth to my visions... life is so fantastic it will come as no surprise. Cause every day is  adventures in paradise"

Photography is my love supreme, a birthright passed down from my beloved Gramps.

I was always the kid carrying the camera in high school, so it was no surprise I completely fell head over heels in college.  In 2004 I formed Egami Photos, Inc, and my world has expanded ever since.  I have met and worked with some of my icons, Michael Jordan, Aretha Franklin, Berry Gordy..seen my work published nationally and internationally, and in 2010 rebranded my business to Sugar Shack Productions, Inc to include fashion, commercial and event photography and art direction.  Please visit my commercial site

"Everyday something magical passes sunshine on my body, rainbows blooming in the sky. Cause everyday is adventures in paradise woven well through the fabrics of time."